What We Do

Customer acquisition is the heartbeat of every company’s growth strategy. Simply put, we’re here to ensure your heartbeat is healthy.

We combine our people, technology platform and full funnel approach to help clients get the most out of their acquisition efforts. It’s not just a volume game, it’s a profitability game. It’s not just cranking the mechanics of acquisition—it means smart segmentation and making intelligent bets on the customers who are most valuable.

It means thinking more like a digital economist than a digital marketer.

Digital Marketer

  • Volume Volume
  • Average Cost Average Cost
  • Return on Ad Spend Return on Ad Spend

Digital Economist

  • Value Value
  • Marginal Cost Marginal Cost
  • Life Time Value/Acquisition Life Time Value/Acquisition

We’re sales and marketing, top and bottom of the funnel, cost and performance driven. The end result? LQ Digital is a smart extension of your team—lightning fast, constantly improving, and armed to the teeth with data.

How We Do It

Our portfolio of acquisition tactics are determined by where your most profitable customers are. We bring together a complete set of programs from the following to meet your needs:

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Maximize inbound organic traffic

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  • Search Engine Marketing

    Capture the hand raisers

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  • Paid Social

    Turn Facebook into a direct response channel

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  • Affiliate Marketing

    Make influencers + referrals work harder

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  • Contact Center Services

    Qualify the ready-to-buy customers

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  • Test + Optimization

    Improve + unlock higher performance

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  • Data + Insights

    Leverage data to find your best customers

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No client of ours stands still. The pursuit of profitable growth means that your acquisition strategies must get stronger over time, moving through phases from volume to greater value.

As our programs land, we won’t just tell you what happened. We’ll share what’s working, what’s not and what’s next. Then, we will help you get there.

Trim wasteful spend

Weed out poor performing campaigns

Boot camp

Dial in conversion process

Remarket to missed opportunities

Hunt for growth


Establish lifetime value model

Set long term success targets


Hypertarget key segments

Double down on most profitable campaigns

experience by segment

Smart Bets