We're LQ Digital

As consumers become increasingly mobile and connected, every business is turning to digital channels to acquire new customers more effectively and efficiently. Of the $83 billion spent on digital this year, Google and Facebook account for 60 cents of every dollar. The result? Massive investment, overabundant data and rising expectations for better results.

Here's the problem. The lead process is wasteful. For every 6% in conversion success, 94% goes nowhere. Ads in the wrong channel, messaging that doesn't land, and potential leads that lack consistent follow up—if any at all.

Even if you get your funnel performing, everyone knows that not all customers are created equal. It's tough to land new customers, but even harder to find the right ones—the profitable ones.

LQ is a customer acquisition company with a simple goal: to help you win more profitable customers digitally.

  • Google + Facebook account for


    of every dollar spent on digital this year
  • 94%

    of conversion leads go nowhere

How We're Different

  • Obsessed with LTV

    Obsessed with LTV

    It’s easy to get distracted by activity metrics. We’ll bring you back to what really matters—acquiring profitable customers.

  • Paid on Performance

    Paid on Performance

    Everyone talks about results. We’ll stand by ours by taking on media risk. When you win, we win.

  • Bring #TheTruth

    Bring #TheTruth

    Our data doggedness allows us to tell you what’s working, what’s not, what should be and how to get there.

Life at LQ Digital

We're mathletes and economists, strategists and marketers, all working together to deliver awesome results for our clients. Here are the values that guide us:

  • Truth

    Truth. The data is in front of us and we shine a light on both good and the bad. Clients rely on us to shoot straight and share the facts. They love our integrity.

  • Hustle

    Hustle. We work hard for the client and get after it. High-quality, responsive and always taking that extra cycle sets us apart.

  • Pride

    Pride. We’re proud of the results we deliver for clients and know we’re different than most teams. We do this without arrogance. And, we’re glad to do it together at LQ.

  • Ownership

    Ownership. We own what we promise. We deliver on our word, but even more, on the results.

Our Culture

Leadership Team

Over their careers, our leadership team has led the top line in their organizations—in marketing, digital, business development, and sales roles. Now they’re leading our teams towards your mission, bringing on new profitable customers.

  • Katy Keim

    Katy Keim


  • Patrick Wang

    Patrick Wang

    Chief Digital Officer

  • Phil Strohl

    Phil Strohl

    VP of Strategic Accounts

  • Monica Niblack

    Monica Niblack

    VP of Strategic Accounts

  • Mandy Hale

    Mandy Hale

    VP of Finance

  • Chris Erickson-King

    Chris Erickson-King

    GM QnT Business /
    VP of Sales

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is anchored by our co-founders, who guide our strategic direction. They are joined by savvy investors who bring discipline to our profitability and growth

  • Andrew Coleman

    Andrew Coleman

    Co-Founder, Director

  • Glenn Houck

    Glenn Houck

    Co-Founder, Director

  • Barry Reynolds

    Barry Reynolds

    Housatonic Partners, Director

  • Mark Hildebrand

    Mark Hildebrand

    Housatonic Partners, Director

Join Our Team

We’re looking for smart. We’re looking for data-driven stars and truth tellers. We want humble with our hungry. We’re looking for people who take pride in getting the job done for our clients. Check out our openings below and apply.


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    • Standing desks
    • Fully-stocked snack room
    • 401(k) plan
    • Quarterly fun outings
    • Noah’s Bagel Fridays
    • Foosball + Ping Pong
    • Gym Membership