How to use outsourced contact center services to increase lead conversion and decrease CPL

Today’s businesses face the same challenge: how to grow, by converting more profitable leads, acquiring more valuable customers to generate more revenue while keeping lead and sales costs flat — or, better yet, even reducing them. For businesses selling products or services that are expensive, complex to buy, sold in mature or highly-competitive markets, or where the time between lead creation and closing a transaction is long, doing so gets even harder.

Imagine the stress for a marketing leader deciding where to spend media budgets to generate new leads this month without useful data on how similar investments from a month ago panned out.  Or for a sales leader having to choose which sales people should spend scarce time qualifying leads (instead of focusing on closing sales) without data to judge the future revenue benefit when this month’s sales targets still need to be hit.

Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • The challenges sales and marketing leaders face to drive growth when there is a lack of clarity around which marketing campaigns, leads, and lead qualification process drive the highest and most valuable (LTV) customers
  • How to implement 100% standardization of your lead qualification process to rapidly and consistently capture data that will provide you insights to drive higher conversion and revenue
  • The benefits of having outsourced, specialized resources to focus exclusively on lead qualification