The Impact of Coronavirus on Paid Social, Your Questions Answered

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Last week, we launched the first episode in our 15 Minute Digital Planning Guide webinar series. As part of our goal to help businesses navigate the changing landscape of digital media during the Coronavirus pandemic, our weekly webinar series is aimed to provide insight, share trends and provide practical tips for marketers to implement now.

In the first episode we interviewed our own VP of Display & Social, Greg Allum for our Paid Social: Part 1 Edition. We gathered his perspective on the impact Coronavirus has had on Paid Social and what companies can expect moving forward. You can view the webinar here.

This week, we’re continuing our interview with Greg Allum and asking him your most pressing questions. Learn valuable insight that can impact your business now, such as:

  1. The surprising advertising opportunities made available since the Coronavirus impact.
  2. Current advertising response methods for clients – plus an unexpected emerging one.
  3. Insight as to what types of businesses may want to suspend advertising and which ones may want to invest.
  4. Top recommendations for social.

At LQ Digital, we have over 15 years of digital media, strategy & data management experience and have deep expertise in working with clients in B2C subscription, mortgage lending, B2B, Real Estate, Personal Loans and so much more. As such, we’ve captured a lot of data on what scores as best-in-class digital performance (search, social, affiliate). At this time we want to contribute in the only way we know how, to share our data, knowledge and expertise to help your company survive this turbulent time and provide relief.  Please watch the webinar for free here:

Digital Survival Guide Webinar: Paid Social, Part 2

Still have questions or want a us to cover a particular topic? Email us at and remember to subscribe to our webinar series so you always have the latest news and insight in your inbox: subscribe here.


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