Google Shopping: Now Open to Unpaid Listings, Watch the Video

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Last week, Google made a surprising announcement and opened up their Google Shopping platform to unpaid product listings. The move comes as many brick and mortar retailers were forced to close their doors (at least temporarily) due to the Coronavirus pandemic and may now be looking to more e-commerce opportunities.

So what does this shift mean for merchants? As part of our weekly webinar series where we highlight digital planning strategies to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, we interviewed VP of Strategic Accounts, Phil Strohl to better understand what this shift in Google’s offering means and how marketers can leverage this new opportunity.

Watch the quick 15 minute video above to uncover:

  • What the Google Shopping opportunity means for existing Google Merchants and Merchants that have never used the platform.
  • Where to get started if you’ve never used Google Shopping before and what to tackle first for the biggest advantage.
  • Key recommendations to maximize the Google Shopping feature, such as: review & optimize product feeds and add products that may have been excluded previously due to a low Return on Ad Spend/margin.

    The new experience is live on Google Shopping. Separate “Sponsored” and “Organic” results sections highlighted.

At LQ Digital, we’ve captured a lot of data over the last 15 years on what scores as best-in-class digital performance (search, social, affiliate). At this time we want to contribute by sharing our data, knowledge and expertise to help your company survive this turbulent time and provide relief.

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