Get The Most Out of Your Affiliate Program – Watch the Webinar

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Affiliate marketing has grown in breadth, scope and value over the last several years. Since the recent pandemic, there have been new opportunities for businesses to enter the affiliate space at a lower CPA than ever before, but that is quickly changing for some verticals as the initial ‘fear’ has subsided.

In our recent webinar, we interviewed Monica Niblack, VP of Strategic Accounts and also lead on affiliate marketing programs here at LQ Digital, to better understand how the space has changed over the last couple of months and how businesses can get the most out of their affiliate programs.

Key insights covered:

  1. Since the pandemic, some larger brands that usually dominate the space, have needed flexibility and the ability to turn on and off their programs as needed. This has given smaller businesses a chance to ‘get their foot in the door’ for a lower CPA. However, there has been a recent resurgence – so if you want to get in at a lower CPA, you need to act now!
  2. Now is the time for rich data, but you could lose your shirt if you aren’t paying attention. LTV data analysis is critical. Make sure that your agency has the technology and data capture tools so that you can capture the rich data flowing to your programs and focus on long term growth.
  3. Because you’re paying on CPA, it’s easy to think the economics are strong – but dig deeper. Not all partners are created the same.
  4. Ask your agency how your payouts are being adjusted based on how the industry is changing – pivoting will be key.

Watch the webinar below.

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