Organic Customer Acquisition

Whether you’re a pre-IPO startup or a F100 brand, you must make continual improvements to your organic exposure in search results. “Off-the-shelf” SEO tools and agencies can help optimize existing pages, but we go further by presenting ideas and solutions which include optimized pages that should be created to improve performance.

At the heart of our point of view is the intelligence we gain from your search program. Over 90% of our SEO clients leverage LQ for Paid Search and we use this intimate knowledge of your keyword success along with:

  • Competitor profile
  • Competitor keywords
  • Website analytics and PPC data
  • Keyword Tools (Google Trends, Compete, etc.)

To outline the ultimate set of keywords to consistently built your presence around.


Of our SEO clients leverage Paid Search

In addition, we conduct a full technical audit, providing you guidance on:

  • LQicon

    Site structure

  • LQicon

    Code markup

  • LQicon

    Site speed

  • LQicon

    Internal Linking

  • LQicon

    Site crawl errors

  • Mobile Friendliness

Finally, we make strategic recommendations on existing content creation and provide clients with link building best practices to ensure you’re discoverability is, literally, at the top of the charts.

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