Paid Search Marketing

If Google is a grocery store, think of a search term—like "security software" or "subscription commerce"—as an aisle. And for a minute consider the results on the Google landing page as ‘shelf space’. We help brands dominate the shelves by maximizing their position through SEO, Paid Search and Affiliate marketing strategies.

Not only do our programs work effectively together, over a dozen years, we have perfected the art of our search strategies. Born out of the real estate industry, we learned early that a lead in Cleveland wasn’t worth the same as a lead in Palo Alto. Not all customers are created equally. And that wasn’t just true in real estate. It was true in all industries who were interested in acquiring the most profitable customers.

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cents of every dollar spent on digital this year

We grew a sophisticated practice in segmentation, performance and profitability across keywords. And success means executing on all key aspects of Paid Search:

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    Keyword segmentation

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    Customized ad copy and value proposition

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    Landing page optimization and offer testing

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    Advanced bidding strategies assessed at individual keyword

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    Insight oriented reporting, that creates action plans from raw data

All of this is supported by continuous testing to get to the optimal campaign results.

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