Inbound & Outbound Contact Center

Digital acquisition isn’t just about marketing. Our Call Center team influences the conversion point – where clicks and pixels become quantifiable sales opportunities. LQ Digital provides both integrated inbound and outbound call center solutions. Here’s our secret. When it comes to digital acquisition, the phone is still a killer ingredient.

Here’s how it works:

  • We call 100% of your online inquiries within seconds of receiving the lead.
  • All of our representatives are LQ employees, based in California and Connecticut.
  • We train teams on all your campaign details.
  • We use humans, not predictive dialers and recorded messages.
  • We represent you with the highest quality and utmost professionalism and make an excellent first impression with your prospects.
  • Our contact rates are 40–60% and we successfully transfer 40–60% of those contacted leads for an overall qualification rate in the 25-35% range—depending on source.

Live Leads Qualification & Transfer

Whether your inquiries come from your own website, a lead form, a lead generator or a marketing email, it’s very likely that your prospects are talking to your competition at the same time. We believe timing is everything, which is why our qualification teams provide the industry’s fastest response times. If you want to win the customer’s business, you can’t lose the race to get them on the phone. First.

Lead Nurture

Your database is valuable, but only if you’re doing a good job nurturing it. Our clients have a trove of leads that haven’t yet converted, whether they’re unreachable, not yet purchase ready, or have been quoted but haven’t sealed the deal. Our specialists make sure prospects are engaged throughout this cycle. When they’re ready, we make sure prospects are transferred to a live agent with the client’s sales team.

Value Added Selling

We manage new inbound callers inquiring about a product or service for the first time. We help them navigate the buying process, including appointment setting and detailed product information and turn them into a closed customer.

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