Affiliate Program Management

At LQ Digital, we prefer to think of ourselves as “relationship architects,” building you a long-term and lucrative affiliate solution. We recruit, motivate, and educate quality affiliates who will not only promote your brand, but generate you some serious cash.

Affiliate management requires a significant investment of time, experience, and resources. Over the years we have built strong, lasting relationships with affiliates and platform vendors to provide our clients with resources and information that you can’t find anywhere else.

Comprehensive Alignment

Before we begin any engagement, LQ Digital first seeks a full understanding of the client’s business model and acquisition profitability thresholds. From there, we work to develop a strategy and management platform that is net-positive for the consumer, the publisher, and the client.

Relentless Transparency

Performance marketing is a data intensive and communicative practice. We believe communication, relationship stewardship, and team education are key to a successful engagement. LQ Digital will work closely with your platform providers, the publisher base, and your marketing team to deliver a completely transparent format for success.

What We Do:

  • Partner diversification using recruitment software
  • Integration to agency partner tracking platform
  • Partner/Publisher optimization and quality control
  • Full service view of digital and offline partner opportunities
  • Provide promotional calendars
  • Creative optimization
  • Full partner communication management
  • Brand Protection – The Search Monitor
  • Representation at Partner industry events
  • Manage existing tracking platform relationship(s) and communicate new opportunities
  • Promotional and/or new update newsletters
  • Review and accept/decline new publisher applications.
  • Customized reporting and one-off data requests

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