“LQ helped us make the most of what Google automation has to offer. By strategically restructuring the campaigns to rely on automated bidding, instead of the push and pull of a manual bidding approach, we saw our CPA drop, along with other improved metrics, that continue to trend in a positive direction week over week.”  

- Taylor Thomas,, Director of Advertising, Onni

The fitness and lifestyle company, Onnit was struggling with overly segmented campaign structures that resulted in higher ad spend but lower then desired performance across the board.

LQ Digital stepped in and developed a two-pronged approach to solve this problem. The result? A drastic improvement in performance and efficiency across both Search and Shopping.

Download the case study and learn more about how Onnit:

  • Drove 407% YoY increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) in Shopping
  • Increased Shopping conversion rates by 202% YoY
  • Reduced cost per acquisition by 73% YoY

Download the Onnit Case Study